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Snaith Primary School

Thursday 2nd April

Hey guys,

Hope you are all well! The days are certainly blurring into one at the moment, but it's Thursday and the weekend is nearly around the corner! Hope you enjoyed researching all about the solar system; I'm sure this will come in handy for future projects :) 

Main Task:  RE -  Watch this video of the Easter Story:


  • Now draw a story map to show the progression of the story – no writing allowed.
  • You can use arrows between pictures to show the chronology
  • How about turning it into a comic book if you wish to draw cartoons?
  • Or... if you don't fancy drawing... what about making a picollage of the main events? 
  • If you want to be super imaginative, why not try making an I-Movie of the story, capturing the key scenes!
  • Challenge: Can your family guess the story, from your pictures alone?! 

Additional Task: English  - Please read chapter 6 'Flight' from our class text, The Other Side of Truth . Then, please write a short story of your own, continuing Sade and Femi's adventure. 

  • Think about how London would feel to the children, visiting for the first time -contrast in weather,  bustling crowds, sky scraper buildings, different accents etc 
  • Predict what might happen to the characters - will Uncle Dele turn up? How will they find him? Where will they both stay? When will Mrs Bankole leave them? 
  • Consider how each character might be thinking and feeling and how you could portray this in your story! Anything can happen....Anything can go wrong!!!

Success Criteria: Try to include - 

  • Rhetorical questions to make the reader STOP and THINK
  • Ambitious adjectives to describe the scene 
  • Brackets, dashes and commas to reveal extra information (parenthesis) 
  • Ellipsis and dramatic dashes to build tension 
  • Short, snappy sentences and informal, chatty language 

My WAGOLL to get you started: 

 The next few hours past by in a blur... Herds of people traipsed past us; seemingly in a rush yet with no specific place to go. Heads down, shoulders up... they barged Femi without even a fleeting glance back to check he was okay. Why does no one care for you here? It was different back home, everyone knew you, everyone cared - and THAT was the problem. Tall, red buses zoomed past us as commuters marched like ants to their next destination. Mrs Bankole told us to stay close to her, but secretly I knew she was more bothered about us looking after her precious valuables than keeping us safe. Millions of accents, ethnicities and outfits everywhere. Sky scrapers loom over us, like a tiger ready to pounce. Rubbish  litters the floor. Yet people say Nigeria is corrupt! I tried to reassure myself that it would all be okay, that  Uncle Dele would be waiting for us, that this nightmare would soon be over and  that we'd soon wake up . But wake up to what exactly?