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Snaith Primary School

School Staff

All of our staff firmly believe that the key to successful education is positive relationships.

Our staff creates a very welcoming and happy environment for you and your child. Please always feel free to come and ask us if you are unsure or worried about something, or indeed if you have something to celebrate with us!

Mrs Calpin 

Head Teacher    

Mrs Calpin is our Head Teacher. 

As part of this role, she is our hard working Assessment Leader as well as liaising with Miss Timney as Deputy Child Protection Leader.    

Mr Pickering

Assistant Head Teacher    

Mr Pickering is one of our Assistant Head Teachers.

He is also a Year 5 Teacher as well as being our enthusiastic Computing Leader.    

Miss Todd

Assistant Head Teacher    

Miss Todd is also one of our Assistant Head Teachers. She is a Year 2 teacher as well as leading Art in the school as well as working with children on our target intervention programme.

Miss Timney 

Special Educational Needs Coordinator

Child Protection Leader

Miss Timney is our Special Educational Needs Leader and Child Protection Leader.

She is also our  Phonics Leader as well as working with children on our target intervention programme.   

 Foundation Stage One - Nursery    

Mrs Schmidt

Mrs Twist

Mrs Kellett

Mrs McKiernan

Mrs Schmidt and Mrs Twist are our teachers in Nursery. They work closely with Mrs Kellett and Mrs McKiernan to support our Nursery children. Mrs Twist is also our Music Leader.

Foundation Stage Two - Reception    


Mrs Hyland

Miss Whyley 

Mrs Spencer


Mrs Emerson

Mrs McDermott


Mrs McDermott is our Early Years Leader, coordinating both Nursery and Reception.  She is also a Reception Teacher. She is currently on maternity leave and Mrs Hyland is taking one of the reception classes this year. Mrs McDermott is also a Staff Governor and the Educational Visits Leader in school. 

Miss Whyley is our other Reception teacher and also our Religious Education Leader and works with Mrs Gilbert to coordinate the School Council. Mrs Spencer does a wonderful job of supporting the children in reception along with Mrs Emerson

Year One and Year Two



Mrs Agar

Miss Papworth

Mrs Clarkson




Mrs Taylor

Mrs Stevenson

Mrs Gilbert

Mrs Knight



Miss Todd

Miss Timney



Mrs Agar is one of our Year 1/2 Teachers and she is also our geography leader in school. She works closely with Mrs Gilbert.  Mrs Gilbert works closely with Miss Whyley to look after the school council. 

Mrs Clarkson has a Year 1/2 class  and is supported by Mrs Stevenson. Mrs Clarkson is also our Modern Foreign Languages subject coordinator.

Miss Papworth is also a year 1/2 class teacher and is supported by Mrs Taylor

Miss Todd and Miss Timney will be leading our target intervention programmes this year for Year 1, 2 and Year 3 classes. Miss Todd is one of the assistant headteachers as well as our Key Stage 1 Leader and Art coordinator. Miss Timney is our SENCO and phonics leader. 

Year Three  and Year Four


Mrs Sherlock

Mrs Millard

Mrs Johnson 

Ms Richardson 

Mr Clarkson

Mrs McLaughlin Mrs Colby

Mrs Thornton

Mrs Kenny Mrs Selkirk Mrs Outhwaite

Mrs Johnson has a year 3 class and works closely with Mrs Selkirk. Mrs Johnson is our enthusiastic Science Leader bringing life and excitement to Science across the school.

Ms Richardson is also a year 3 class teacher and she is supported by Miss Colby. Ms Richardson works hard to lead Physical Education in our school as well as being an S.S.C.O. (School Sports Coordinator), coordinating sports provision and training for our local cluster of schools. Mrs Maule also teaches in this class one day a week.   

Mrs Sherlock shares her delightful year 4 class with Mrs Millard this year and they are supported by Mrs Thornton and Mrs McLaughlin.  Mrs Sherlock is our Lower KS2 Leader. She is also the More Able Leader and works as an SLE (Specialist Leader for Education), advising other schools in this area. Mrs Sherlock is Quality Mark Leader for areas such as the Basic Skills Award and Investors in Pupils. Mrs Millard is our enthusiastic music lead.   

Mr Clarkson is our other year 4 class teacher. He is supported by Mrs Outhwaite and also helps Miss Todd in keeping our wonderful school website up to date.

Year 5

Miss Howson

Mr Pickering

Mrs Willsher


Mrs Radmall

Mrs Henderson

Mrs Dickens

Miss Howson is one of our Year 5 Teachers, alongside Mr Pickering.  They are supported by Mrs Willsher, Mrs Radmall,  Mrs Henderson and Mrs Dickens.

Miss Howson is our English Leader, looking after Reading, Writing and G.P.S. (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling). Mr Pickering leads ICT in our school as well as being one of our assistant headteachers. 

Year 6

Mr Constantine 

Miss Jackson

Mrs McEnroe

Mrs Thompson

Mrs Gilson


Mr Constantine and Miss Jackson are our Year Six Teachers, supported in class by Mrs McEnroe, Mrs Thompson and Mrs KnightMr Constantine is also our creative Maths Leader and supports Ms Richardson with all the sporting aspects and her role as S.S.C.O.

Miss Jackson is our history expert in school leading all aspects of history and embedding it in the curriculum. 

Mrs Gilson is a sports specialist who teachers P.E. throughout the school during the teachers planning time. 

Our Admin and Clerical Staff

Mrs Wharam

Mrs Ford

Mrs Chesworth

Mrs Wharam is our Admin officer, providing a friendly link between home and school life and supporting Mrs Calpin in her role.

Mrs Ford is our School Business Manager.  Her role involves ensuring that school funds are spent efficiently to guarantee high-quality resources throughout the school.

Mrs Chesworth provides Administration Support in the school office.  This includes coordinating the admissions to Before and After School Clubs, ordering stock and coordinating School Dinners.

Our Premises Staff

Miss Hall

Mrs Goodman


Mrs Kelly

Mrs Casey


Mrs Kelly is our school caretaker who is supported by Miss Hall, Mrs Goodman and Mrs Casey. They all work hard to ensure that our school and grounds are kept to the highest standards. They regularly leave our children messages to praise how clean and tidy the classrooms and cloakrooms are!

Our Catering Staff



 Miss Burn 

Miss Steele

Mrs Butterill

Mrs Kidd

Mrs Harvey      

Miss Burn leads our catering team. She is ably supported by Miss Steele, Mrs Harvey, Mrs Kidd and Mrs Butterill to produce our delicious school meals.

Our Midday Supervisors

Mrs Selkirk

Mrs Willsher

Mrs Emerson

Mrs Hall

Mrs Henderson

Mrs Kenny

Mrs Knight

Mrs McEnroe


Miss McLaughlin

Mrs Thornton

Mrs Taylor


Mrs Selkirk leads our team of Midday Supervisors to organise calm and happy lunchtimes in school. Our Midday Supervisor team includes  Mrs Emerson, Miss Hall, Mrs Harper, Mrs Harrison, Mrs Kenny, Mrs Knight, Mrs McEnroe, Miss McLaughlin, Mrs Thornton, Mrs Willsher and Mrs Taylor.