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Snaith Primary School

Mr Pickering's Class

Welcome to our class page!


Welcome to Mr Pickering’s Class! We are a hardworking class who try our best at everything we do. We are a strong unit with great team spirit and we work together to help support each other. During this year, Mrs Radmall and Mrs Knight will be assisting with the children’s learning and development.  

Class Motto

For our class motto we have decided on...

"Shine like the star you are"

Behaviour and rewards system

We are using a warning chart in class where children receive a warning if they choose the wrong behaviour. On the 3rd warning the children then receive a timeout at play time to reflect on their behaviour. The warning system resets for the afternoon and for the following day. 

As a rewards system, the children are working both individually and as a part of a team. For positive behaviour, manners, politeness, hard work and effort, children can earn tokens that are added to their team token tubes. These are all counted on a Friday across the whole school and the wining token team colour is celebrated in assembly.  As a whole class children are working together to earn marbles in a jam jar. Children can earn marbles for excellent behaviour, effort and manners as a whole class, for example when lining up or sitting in assembly. When the jam jar is full, the whole class will receive a treat that they have voted on and agreed on.


Children will receive a piece of Maths homework and English homework every week on a Friday. The expectation is that this will be handed in on the following Wednesday. All homework that children complete will be kept in a folder at school. Children will also receive spelling and times tables homework on a Monday, to be tested the following Monday. In addition to this, children are encouraged to read regularly.


Our PE days this year are Monday and Thursday. We kindly ask that children have their PE kits in school Monday – Friday but especially request PE kits are in school on Monday and Tuesday. 

Our Entrance

Children will use the playground door on the year 5/6 corridor to enter and leave our classroom. 

Autumn Term Topic

Our Autumn Term topic is Who's My Mummy where the children will be learning about the Egyptians. In particular there will be a focus on Egyptian travel and trade, lifestyle and beliefs. The children will have the opportunity to make a range of items such as a shadouf and a model of a pyramid. 

Spring Term Topic

Our Spring Term topic is Swing into the Sixties which will incorporate major events and influences of the 1960's as well as a focus on space. Highlights of this term include a Come Dine With Me theme day with 1960's food and entertainment, making and launching rockets and a papier mache solar system. 

Summer Term Topic

Our final topic of the year is