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Snaith Primary School

Miss Timney's and Miss Papworth's Class

Our Happy Class!

We are a team that works together and supports one another.

We are kind and respectful.

We are helpful and generous.

We listen carefully to each other.

We are friendly and include others.

We look after our classroom and its precious resources.

We always try our best and we're always ready for a challenge!

We shine!

Our Class Team

Miss Timney and Miss Papworth are our class teachers. Miss Papworth teaches our class each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Miss Papworth is also the Geography lead for our school.

Miss Timney teaches our class on a Thursday and Friday - on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we may still see her around school when she is busy fulfilling her other roles in school, as SENCO and Designated Safeguarding Lead.  Mrs Thornton supports the year 3 classes and will also spend some time working with us. 


Each Friday morning, we complete a rotation of lessons which are delivered by the staff from across year 3 and 4. Excitingly, this means we also get to draw on the expertise of the following staff and visit their classrooms.

-Mr Pickering - COMPUTING

-Mrs Millard - Music

-Mr Clarkson - French

- Miss Timney - RE 


In our class, children are asked to bring in their reading books and reading records each day so that we can read both in class and at home. Each week in our reading records, we aim to get at least three signatures from a grown-up who has heard us read at home. Our reading records are checked each day in school.

We also complete Reading Plus three times a week in class and aim to complete at least three ‘green’ reads (with 80% accuracy or above) at home too.


We test our spellings every Monday and our new spellings are sent home on a Tuesday. We practise our spellings each day in school and they are also available to practise at home each week on spellingframe.co.uk

Spellings will be posted each week on Class Dojo as well as sent home in spelling books. 

We also practise the Year 3 and 4  words list and look at several spellings from this list each week.


We have P.E. on a Tuesday and Wednesday each week. Please could children come to school wearing P.E. kit and a normal Snaith Primary School jumper or cardigan on these days - we endeavour to do P.E outdoor as much as the weather allows. Children may also come to school wearing trainers on this day.

Any changes to P.E. days will be notified on Class Dojo.


Each week, we ask that the children complete the following homework:

  • Read at least 3 times a week and get their reading journal signed or initialled by their adult at home to show when they have read. 
  • Two Reading Plus 'reading assignment' sessions of 30mins each per week.  
  • Spellings will be given on a Tuesday, to be tested the following Monday.
  • We strongly recommend that children also practise Times tables Rock Stars as regularly as possible please.

Children each have a private login for Reading Plus, Spelling Frame and TT Rock Stars. Please let us know if you have any trouble accessing these platforms or if you need a reminder of their login details.

Behaviour and Rewards

The children in our class demonstrate excellent behaviour and manners which are praised and rewarded. However, if, on occasions, our class or school rules are not followed then a reminder will be given to give a chance for children to 'reset' and rectify errors of judgement. If a second reminder is needed then children will be asked to stay in at their next breaktime to discuss how we can help and move forward, making more positive choices. 


We understand the importance of positive reinforcement and valuing the children's excellent behaviour. We therefore reward the children both individually and as a part of a team. For positive behaviour, manners, politeness, hard work and effort, children can earn tokens that are added to their team token tubes. These are all counted on a Friday across the whole school and the winning token team colour is celebrated in assembly.  Children may also be given stickers or notes home to praise their positive behaviour. As a whole class children are working together to earn 'brownie points'. Children can earn brownies for excellent behaviour, effort and manners as a whole class, for example when lining up or sitting in assembly. When the baking tray is full, the whole class will receive a treat.

Our Entrance and exit 

To drop off and collect children in our class, please walk down the main school path and then turn right towards the car park and follow the one way system around school. Our classroom is the third door one on the left as you walk around the outside of our lovely new building. 

Happy to Help!

Our friendly team are always happy to help! Please let us know if you have any questions and we will be in touch as soon as possible. Thank you in advance for your help and support with reading, spelling and homework tasks; it is very much appreciated!