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Snaith Primary School


Welcome to our exciting new maths page. Here you will find great links to help with your mental maths skills, as well as some of our exciting work. 


Data Handling

Venn Diagrams
Bugs in the system
Animal Island
The Train Race

Place Value

Place Value Dino  
Post it
Safari Units
Shark numbers

Odd and Even

Even Ghost Blaster     
 Dragon Map
Odd or Even
Number Jumbler

Comparing Numbers


See-saw balances

10 less shoot out
10 more
  Forest Ordering

Ordering Numbers

Number Balance

Guess the number

Mend the number square



Number Pyramid
Bridging 10
Speed Grid Challenge
Numberline Jumps

Nutty Number Bonds


Making 10 

Alien Invasion
100 Matching Pairs
Calculation Balance

Symmetry and Shape

Calamity's Quest
Shape Lab
3D shapes
Symmetrical Art

Other things

Number balance
Harbour Measurements
Igloo Shopping
Camel Times Tables

Some great websites to visit

Arcademic Builders

BBC Bitesize KS1

Maths Zone

Topic Box

BBC Bitesize KS2