As part of the 'Read, Write, Inc' phonics programme each sound has a saying to help us remember the correct sound i.e. mmmmmountain; sssssssssnake (indicated in blue below) and a saying to help us remember how to form the letters correctly i.e. Maisie, mountain, mountain; slither down the snake (indicated in italics below).
The short vowels should be kept short and sharp

a-a-a apple (open mouth wide as if to take a bite of an apple) - Round the apple and down the leaf

e - e-e-e egg (release mouth slightly from a position) - Chop off the top and scoop out the egg

i - i-i-i insect (make a sharp sound at the back of the throat - smile) - Down the body and a dot for the head

o - o-o-o orange (push out lips, make the mouth into o shape) - All around the orange

uu-u-u umbrella (make a sound in the throat) - Down and under, up to the top and draw the puddle

The long vowel sounds are all stretchy sounds. 
These sounds have a caption to help children remember them. 

ayay, may I play?

ee: ee, what do you see?

ighfly high

owblow the snow

oopoo at the zoo

oolook at a book

arstart the car

orshut the door

airthat's not fair

irwhirl and twirl

oushout it out

oytoy for a boy

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