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Snaith Primary School

Week beginning 11/05/20


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This week’s Theme is based around: Food, Glorious Food!


A special message from my teacher:

Hey everyone, I hope you enjoyed last week’s work on animals and picked up some great facts and information. I also hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed celebrating VE Day in the sunshine. My wife made a scrumptious cake and we sat in the front garden and ate it with a cuppa.

Have a great week this week and speak soon.


Dear parents and children,

Please see below the exciting tasks set for this week.

While we have posted a suggested order (we know some people find this helpful) please feel free to pick and choose.

Please remember: your child’s well-being is the most important thing to us. You may find that they are more inspired some days than other. Some days they might do no tasks. Other days they may wish to do more than one.

We also appreciate that many of you are likely to be working and juggling child care. So our message is simple, do what you can and be kind to yourselves too!

We also value cooking, gardening, cleaning and a wealth of other things you will be doing as families.

If your child would like to share what they have been doing with us please email your photos etc to Snaith.primary2020@gmail.com (you can also email any questions or concerns to the teachers on this)

If you have any other concerns please do contact school on 01405 860452 or on Snaith.primary.eastriding.gov.uk


Monday - English: Create your own persuasive advert!

Missing your favourite restaurants, takeaways and fast food? Well this week, you can create your own! Consider what fake restaurant, fast food chain or takeaway joint you would run if you had the chance! Plan your ‘Fakeaway’; jotting down notes / spider diagrams on the following:

  1. What cuisine would it be: American, Italian, Chinese, Thai or Indian?
  2. What dishes would be on the menu: pizzas, pastas, burgers, noodles?
  3. Who would it appeal to: teenagers, children, couples or families?
  4. How would you make it seem appealing: offers! Selling points! Signature dish!

Now you have planned what you are selling, you need to write a short advert to persuade customers to visit your establishment. Try and include the following success criteria to make your advertisement as powerfully persuasive as possible:

  • Expanded Noun Phrases ( adjective, adjective noun) E.g freshly squeezed, tropical smoothie
  • Ambitious adjectives E.g upgrade ‘tasty’ to luscious/ mouth-watering /delectable
  • Powerful verbs  -devour, feast, marinated, saturated
  • Modal verbs or high modality phrases to obligate – must/ shall/ can guarantee / promise / undoubtedly
  • Punctuation to reveal extra information (brackets) / colons for lists: / dash for an added point –

WAGOLL: Watch this Advert to get some extra inspiration on how you can describe each dish, in detail -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHFKE6PD_6U

Tuesday - Art: Draw your own ‘Fake away’ logo!

  • There are some fantastic step-by-step videos on the ‘Art for Kids Hub’ on YouTube; go onto their ‘How to draw food’ playlist and explore for yourself!


  • There are loads to choose from, all in cartoon, emoji style form.
  • Top Tip: make these as colourful and fun as possible to attract your customers into store!

Fancy a challenge? Want to make your artwork look ‘good enough to eat’?! How about re-creating some of the suggested designs in the attachment below (called Art Food Challenge) - remember to send your photographs to us before you devour them!

Wednesday - Science: Magic Milk!!!

This is guaranteed to become one of your favourite kitchen chemistry experiments. Some very unusual interactions take place when you mix a little milk, food colouring and a drop of washing up liquid. Use this experiment to amaze your friends and uncover the scientific secrets of soap!

  • If you can, try and repeat the experiment with different liquid variables: full fat, semi-skimmed, skimmed milk, cream- even water – whatever you have available at home!

Your Task:

  1. Predict why the washing up liquid reacts with the solution in this way?
  2. If you can, try and compare semi-skimmed milk with full-fat milk. Which one works best? Why do you think this is?
  3. Research this chemical reaction, using the attachment ‘Magic Milk Explained’! Explain how the process works using these terms:

Molecules/ fats/ proteins/ solution / reaction

  1. Conclude your findings; what have you learnt? Which solution worked the best? What happens if you add more washing up liquid to the solution?

Present your findings in your home learning book. Alternatively you could ‘vlog’ the process and explain your scientific thinking; we’d love to see your videos! You might want to take a picollage as a way of recording your results

Thursday - RE: Researching Ramadan:

Each year for a whole month, Muslims around the world take part in Ramadan, an Islamic festival of fasting (where they are not allowed to eat or drink from dawn to sunset). Muslims believe that this period of fasting encourages spiritual development and a feeling of unity across the Islamic community.

Your Task:

  • Create a fact file on Ramadan – try and make it as colourful and creative as possible –it is up to you how you record the information!
  • Research Ramadan and the festival of Eid al-Fitr here:


  • Try and include the following into your project: What is Ramadan? What are the rules? Who can practice it and who is exempt? When is it this year? When does it normally start and end? Why do Muslims fast? What is a bad habit you would change about yourself? What good deed could you do this month? How do Muslims celebrate Eid?  Finally, how has Coronavirus affected Ramadan this year in Britain?

This could be in your home learning books; how about illustrating the borders with Islamic patterns, architecture or quotes? Or, you could make a PowerPoint on Ramadan, attaching pictures, videos and transitions into your slides. I have attached some worksheets too which might help you in your recording!

Friday - Design & Technology: Create your own ‘Fakeaway’!

Missing your McDonald’s? Craving a Chinese? Want to perfect your homemade pizzas? Lots of restaurants have released their ‘secret recipes’ recently for you to enjoy at home. Research and help make one of these dishes when you can; some favourites we’ve found are:

Extension: McDonald’s have released their Happy Meal template for you to print and assemble if you would like. Attached below is the net for you to decorate…

At school? Have a go burning off some of that excess energy with a Joe Wick’s workout! Now chill out and colour in some images for Ramadan (attached below!)

Extra Challenge if desired:

ART!!! Fancy a challenge? Want to make your artwork look ‘good enough to eat’?! How about re-creating some of the suggested designs in the attachment below (called Art Food Challenge) - remember to send your photographs to us before you devour them!

MATHS!!! Hey Year 5! For those of you who are up for doing some MORE cool maths, check out this site again! It has videos of explanations and pdf worksheets for you to print out! Lucky you – they also provide an answer sheet! ** NOTE: This link is here ONLY if you love maths and want to do it – it’s an optional extra! This link includes weeks 3 and 4 work so this should last you maths fanatics for a while!


This week’s spellings:  ph giving the f sound











Doodle extra tasks










Number line subtraction


Estimating answers

Standard English


Ancient Greeks


Spellings - ious