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Snaith Primary School

Wednesday 25th March 2020

Happy Wednesday guys.

Can you make it 3 days out of 3 for Joe Wicks? I really enjoyed doing it yesterday. My favourite move was the ice skating one!


Please complete your daily activities on Doodle Maths.

Please complete your daily activities on Doodle English.

Thank you for all your hard work on this. You guys have been amazing and so dedicated at completing these tasks.

Topic – Science

Have a look at this website and have a go at this cool science trick. (Over a sink or outside!!!)


Now write this up like we write up science experiments in class. Include a diagram that’s labelled, equipment, what we did, what we found out, warning box.

Bonus points for using writing features like time openers, brackets, connectives.

English – Alien Story (from yesterday)

If you want to share your alien story from yesterday you could type it up and paste it onto the blog. I have created a new post for this.


This week’s spellings are below. Can you write them out in a pyramid? I have had a go below for the first 5. Can you do it neater? Maybe in different colours?

Peculiar / Perhaps / Popular /Position /Possess / Possession / Possible / Potatoes / Pressure / Probably / Promise /Purpose / Quarter / Question / Particular