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Snaith Primary School

Wednesday 1st April 2020

Good morning everyone. Happy April Fools! Make sure you keep an eye out for any tricks that your family might play on you.

Science & ICT Task

Can you create me a powerpoint on 'Our Solar System'. If this software is not available to you, think about all the other ways you could present your findings! How about a Vlog, or podcast, or fact cards?! You could even make 'Top Trump' cards with your family, or a 'Guess Who' style game, for when you have finished learning about each of them! 

Research and record your findings on these planets: 

  1. Mars 
  2. Earth
  3. Neptune
  4. Saturn
  5. Jupiter
  6. Uranus
  7. Mercury
  8. Venus

For each planet, you need to include: 

  • Their position and distance  from the sun 
  • Their size in relation to Earth
  • The average temperature recorded there
  • What the atmosphere is believed to be like
  • How many moons each one has 
  • Any other unique and interesting characteristics! 


Class Blog - https://mrpickeringyear5.blogspot.com/

Thank you for all your guesses on the spot the difference post. Miss Jackson has created a task for you to have a go at on the blog today. And she has given her class some instructions on how to do it too so look out for their comments and help them out if they need it.