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Snaith Primary School

Tuesday 24th March 2020

Good morning! Well done for the work yesterday. I look forward to seeing your alien sketches and thank you for your comments on the blog.

Why not start your day again with a Joe Wicks workout. I’m going to have a go at it this morning. Just search for Joe Wicks on Youtube. (There were 800,000 people joining in yesterday!)


Joe Wicks is hosting a live workout at 9am on YouTube so feel free to join in if you want.


Please complete your 7 a day activities on Doodle Maths.

Please complete your 8 a day activities on Doodle English.

I have added 2 extra tasks to Doodle as well so please have a go at these.

English – Alien Story

Your writing task today is to write an alien story. Try to picture an alien and describe it using a range of descriptive techniques. Then the alien needs to have some sort of adventure. Be creative and make it exciting. He could encounter a problem and then you need find a solution. You could build suspense and tension. 

If you need inspiration have a look at this short film trailer on YouTube.


Here is a WILF for you to try and include:

Adjectives, simile, ly-ing, because, however, despite this, speech marks, embedded clause, brackets, question mark.


This week’s spellings are below. Please write them out once and then choose 5 to write in a sentence.

Peculiar / Perhaps / Popular /Position /Possess / Possession / Possible / Potatoes / Pressure / Probably / Promise /Purpose / Quarter / Question / Particular