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Snaith Primary School

Tuesday 17th March 2020

Hey guys,

Please complete your 7 a day activities on Doodle Maths.

Please complete your 8 a day activities on Doodle English.

I have also assigned an extra task on Doodle Maths - add and subtract 

I have also assigned an extra task on doodle English - relative clauses

Your spellings for this week are below. Please practise them.

Exaggerated. Examination. Excelled. Exceptional. Exclusive. Excruciating. Excursion. Exhausting. External. Extreme. 

Alternative spellings if I have spoken to you..

Fell. There's. Better. Hard. Eggs. Ever. Lived. White. Giant. Dragon. 

Today we are learning about the different planets. Please use the internet to research 2 facts about each one and write them down in your exercise book. 

In English we are writing a descriptive poem about the different planets trying to use descriptive techniques such as similes, metaphors, personification.  In your exercise book, can you have a go at a descriptive poem using some of these descriptive techniques?