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Snaith Primary School

Tips and Life Hacks


5 Tips To Help Your Mental Health

  1.  Eat And Drink - By having a good diet, your mood will improve and you will be able to think more clearly. Also you will have more energy, which will stop you being tired throughout the day. Breakfast is very important because it starts your day on a full stomach. Try not too eat too much food that makes your blood sugar rise and drop rapidly: like sweets, biscuits and sugary drinks. Drink plenty; it is recommended that you drink 6-8 glasses of fluids per day.
  2. Relax - It is important to relax so stress or anxiety doesn’t build up in your body; even if it just for 5-10 minutes a day, it still helps to just calm down and let your heart rate settle. There are many ways to relax such as: medataiting, reading or simply just lying  down. Find one that suits your routine and comfort.
  3. Exercise - Exercise is crucial for your body, both physically and mentally. Experts say physical activity helps children to build their confidence and helps tackle anxiety and depression. Also it exercise gives children a better outlook on life.
  4. Surround Yourself With Happy People – Happy people give off positive emotions. Your research shows positive emotions are contagious, you can catch them like a cold! Also positive emotions increase your creativity.
  5. Talk To People – the phrase ‘a problem shared is a problem halved’ reigns true with this fifth and final point. Talking to people allows you to share your thoughts, get a different perspective and run through your ideas. Opening up to people you trust means that they can begin to understand your worries, reassure you about your feelings and hopefully begin to ‘fix’ your mood. The power of words can help, heal and honour your mental health.

And remember, if ever you feel like you need extra help- there are excellent services available at your local doctors - you just need to ask :)

By Seamus, Year 6

Hi I’m Natasha, here is another blog! This time we will be talking about crossing the road safely! It is very important we all learn how to cross the road safely, as it may help you in future life!


The slogan ‘STOP, THINK, CROSS’ is a great way to remember how to cross the road in the safest way possible! It shows you clearly what to do when stopping to cross! Although always make sure you are moving from each side at a crossing! If you are a bit smaller and unsure how to do this, the blog will tell you! However you should always be with an adult that you trust!


Here are the names of the crossings that are most known!

  • Zebra crossing!

  • Puffin crossing!

  • Pelican crossing!

  • Pegasus crossing!



Unfortunately, this is the last paragraph!

It is important that you try not cross between parked cars as you could get seriously hurt if you don’t look properly , when your looking for any cars coming. Speaking of looking properly, when you set off crossing make sure your still looking each way while crossing as this could cause a massive accident! Thank you for reading!


By Natasha y4   

How to Conquer a Zombie Apocalypse!

1.                  Treat them to a relaxing spa

2.                  Start a rap battle with them

3.                  Make them laugh with your best bits

4.                  Pretend you’re a dinosaur and stomp around

5.                  Zombies are very sensitive to light so show them your phone

6.                   Eat their brains – supposedly they taste like bubble-gum ice-cream (according to Seamus)

7.                  They are terrified of lady birds so make a nest in their shoe

8.                  Get your Granny to chase them down the street

9.                  Have a water fight with them because in water they can turn into chickens

10.      Make them watch the Antique Roadshow until they are bored to death!

Holly, Year 5 (with a little bit of Seamus imagination)

Excuses To Not Do Your Homework!

·    “The dog ate it"

·    “I was on holiday”

·    “I was eating pizza"

·    “my sister stole it"

·    “My cat ate it"

·    “I dropped it in the bath”

·    “I was making pizza but I accidentally cooked it “

·    “My dad said I had to practise football”

·    “I was at a club”

·    “I fell asleep”

·    “My brother broke his leg”

·    “Dad was eating pizza so I was staring at him”

·    “My pencil snapped”

·    “My calculator broke - oops never mind!”

·    “I had to go to Smiggle”

·    “SpongeBob was on TV”

·    “ My friend facetimed me “


WARNING! Do not actually use these!

Only read it for a laugh otherwise we will all get in trouble!!!

By Beth Year 5


                 Great Birthday Gifts!

1.An art kit/easel


3.Clothing items eg: top  


5.Stationary kit


7. Money    


9.I pad

10. Headbands/Accessories

11. Chalk board

12. Board game

13. Movie/DVD

14. Maths kit

15. Photo frame and photo

16.  Box of Chocolates

17. Toothbrush

By Ava, year 4.

Ideal Presents for Mother’s Day

1.           Flowers and a box of chocolates

2.           A homemade card

3.           Breakfast in bed

4.           Jewellery (e.g. Pandora)

5.           A mug or cup

6.           A scarf

7.           A new pair of shoes or slippers

8.           Bath bombs or body wash

9.           A teddy bear

10.    A kiss and a hug


By Seamus and Holly,Y5 ^_^


·    Take a suitcase (make sure it’s easy to carry).

·    Take a comfy pillow

·    Take a blanket or a sleeping bag

·    Take a teddy or a doll (keep it safe)

·    Also take toiletries (put them in a case) 

·    Also a note book and a pen  or a reading book (just to calm you down before bed)

·    And clothes! (Don’t forget them!)

By Ava (Year 5)



10 things to do in the Half Term Holidays!!!!!!!!!


v           SHOPPING!!!!!!

v           Sleep over with friends

v           Play board games

v           Go for a run

v           Go out with friends to the cinema

v           Go for a walk and name as many flowers as you can

v           Do a bake sale for charity

v           Have fun food e.g. hot dogs, hamburgers and candy              floss!!!

v           Have a movie night!!!

v           Have a midnight feast with friends!!!!😉😉😉😉

By Carys (Year 5)