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Snaith Primary School

The Arts Mark!

Dear diary,

Today was amazing - we did our first cheer comp (competition)…we won of course!

I had mixed emotions: nervous but so excited! I was 75% excited and 25% nervous; let me tell you all the details…

So the night before, I had to get my hair done- of course we had our hair crimped and our nails painted purple (our signature colour)…well the coaches favourite colour!

TOP TIP: Put your hair up after its been crimped!

Then the morning of comp we got up about 5:30am-AM!!!!! We got ready into our uniform which cost £90-expensive don’t you agree? Then we put my makeup on: glittery eyeshadow, lip gloss and blush.

After we were ready, we went to warm up BORING! But well worth it! Then we performed!

Anyway mums calling me, I enjoyed it, see you soon.


From diary owner/Ava – Year 6.

My name is Molly and I will be doing todays` blog.

Todays` blog is all related to ART. Every blog I write is going to be related to ART somehow.

But today’s blog is about  something  that is related to ART. Today the theme is…dance. I am going to be talking about the different types and I have questions to ask teachers around school and I will have the answers from them.

First let`s have a look at the different types of dance:

There is tap, ballet, jazz, modern, musical theatre, performance group, hip-hop, freestyle, contemporary, disco, street dance and ballroom. 

I asked Mrs Willsher “how do you make up a dance?” And she replied, “I listen to the music lots”.

By Molly, Year 4


Hello, as you could have guessed today, we’re talking about DANCE! This is one aspect of the arts, speaking of the arts… this year’s Blog Club is teaching you all about the arts. One other thing that uses the arts is SHINE TIME! Here at Snaith Primary we have a lesson called Shine Time which helps us learn more about everything to do with the arts!

I’ve trundled all around our fabulous school and asked some teachers and children what they like most about dancing; so I’m going to tell you some of my favourites!

Mr Clarkson says: ‘I like it because it’s good exercise and allows you to express yourself.’

Miss Jackson replied: ‘I think it’s a great way of telling a story through music and emotion!’

Finally Molly reported: ‘I love the way you can just relax’

Notably, I’d like to list some different styles and types of dance: Tap Dancing, Ballet, Jazz, Modern, Musical Theatre, Performance Group, different cultures, hip hop and contempary!

Thank You for reading!

By Natasha Year 4.