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Snaith Primary School

Short Stories


  Emma and the pug


It was a warm sunny day,

There was a little girl called,

Emma, she is 11 years old,

And she lives in a cottage with her Mum and Dad.

One day she went to her friend’s house,

Her friend is called Hayley

And she has a black pug called Fluffy,

a gold fish called Milly and a  parrot called Paul.

Emma’s favourite was the pug because it is SO CUTE!


For lunch they had a BBQ and they ate burgers ,

in the burgers they had a yummy cheese.

To drink they had a cocktail glass, filled with lemonade. “mmm.’’

That was amazing!

For dessert they had a bowl of chocolate and some strawberries and grapes.

It was nice.


Emma went home at 4:00pm  and had a nice dinner,

then she went to her room and called her friends,

after she read a book and then she went to bed.


  1. The End

  2. By Evelyn, Year 5


What I Did On The Bank Holiday!

In my holidays I went to the beach and I had an ice cream and a donut. While I was playing Pokomon go with my Grandpa, my Auntie and my sister Amber saw a person swimming in the sea! It was freezing! I went in the caves at Flambrough, we saw a crab  and we got really wet because there was loads of water in the  cave. The best thing I liked was a table top sale, I got to sell some of my toys - all together we got £300 pounds! While I was there, I had toast and cheesy chips and a hot chocolate but my Mum said my Dad gets some for the petrol (that was the sad bit). My brother and I jumped on the rocks - my brother was under the steps. One time there was a massive pool on the beach and my brother fell into it and got really wet! It was SUCH a fun holiday,

By Annie, year 4

The Mechanical Seal 

In an old abandoned shop, on Lavender Lane, there was a mechanical seal. This very seal happened to be worth £10,000, but only 1 person knew how much it was worth… Nobody ever went into that shop (Auntie’s Antiques) however all of that was about to change!


It was a Tuesday afternoon, for many a completely normal one, and Mr. Robert Parker was going to work. He was walking down Lavender Lane (as a shortcut) when something caught his eye! It was on display in Auntie’s Antiques - the mechanical seal! There were three: a pink one with green gem eyes, a blue one with yellow gem eyes and an orange one with purple gem eyes. He walked into the shop where there was a young woman sitting behind the counter. She had long, thick, flowy ginger hair and azure blue eyes. As he walked in the woman said “hello, my name is Kathrine and welcome to Auntie’s Antiques”. “Hello, I’m Robert Parker”, he replied. “Anything you’re looking for in particular?” she said with a T.V star smile. “Oh yes, actually, I’m looking for a clockwork seal”! “Any reason?” she said.


“O.K, I’ll tell you,” Robert whispered “is there anybody else in here? “No!“ She said in a lowered voice, “the pink clockwork seal in here is worth £10,000 - the eyes are made of real emeralds,” he whispered, “wow I never knew that”. Meanwhile…when Mr Parker was saying that, a woman called Sarah Barworth, was listening. As soon as they stopped talking Sarah said “I would like to purchase the pink clockwork seal”. Kathrine could not say no because Sarah could tell the police… 

Tune in next time to find out what happens next!

Seamus year 5.         

Alice’s magic wand

Alice was walking to school when she found

… A MAGIC WAND. “WOW” thought Alice,

“my own magic wand”. When she arrived

at school her teacher (Mrs Beach) gave everyone some homework. At the end of the day, Alice put her coat on and put her pencil case, her book, her homework and her magic wand all in her bag.

Alice was very stuck on her homework and didn’t know what to do! “Hmmmmm”, said Alice, “maybe my teacher wouldn’t mind if I used a LITTLE magic…”. Alice took her wand and tapped it three times on her homework. All of a sudden…her homework was DONE!

The next day, Alice put her homework in the finished homework tray and got 10/10! On Alice’s way home, she dropped her wand in some mud. “Oh no!” shouted Alice. When Alice got back home, she scrubbed her wand but it was no use!

What will she do now? 

By Lois, year 3.

The Jewel Crown

Once upon a time there was a crown made up of magical jewels, the most powerful jewels in the world: the sea sapphire, the earth emerald, the fire ruby and the most powerful of all - the magic amethyst. This crown was forged by the first ruler of the land, King Rolack the First.

It all started when the king’s brother Markus went rogue. Markus was furious at his mother for choosing Rolack to rule over him. He then swore revenge against the kingdom, but King Rolack and his mother made the mistake of underestimating Markus.

Markus went off to the deep forest and went straight to the evil wizard Nacktav and told him to take him to the mountain of darkness to speak to the Great Yeti, who was the kingdom’s greatest and most feared enemy. Soon Markus was a trusted ally of the creatures of darkness and was on his way up in less than a week.

Finally the battle of good versus evil had begun and it looked like the end of the road for good. However, the great King Rolack came up with a plan to defeat the darkness. When he was reading in the library, there was a recipe for the jewel crown. During the battle, King Rolack went to collect the ingredients: the sea sapphire, the earth emerald, the fire ruby and the most powerful jewel the magic amethyst. To collect the magical jewels he would have to travel to the great forest, the fire realm, Atlantis and then back to his kingdom to collect the magic amethyst from around his mother’s neck. Then he started to make the crown and next placed the jewels into the crown. After that with the power of the crown and his sword Excalibur, he defeated the darkness with one enchanted swipe. Crash! Bang! Smash!

The darkness had been defeated! This was an occasion that called for celebration. It lasted for 12 years!


By Nieve, year 5.  




Dear Diary,

I’ve had an amazing Christmas! Perfect Presents, delicious dinner and…so many other things but what I love about Christmas is spending time with family!

But now it’s 2017!! A whole new YEAR full of exciting things to do! This year I’m thinking about my New Years Resolutions!! Last year mine was to tidy my desk  but that didn’t turn out quite so well …

Now it’s time to go to school  -  so I’ll speak to you later!

By Elsie, year 5. 


The Quick Christmas story

Once there was a young girl called Mary and she was sitting on a stool, when one day an angel appeared behind her…Mary was very shocked at this, because they were very poor and they had never seen anything like it. Joseph came down and said “what is up Mary?” Mary kept quiet for a while but finally she finally told him about the amazing news!

By Natasha, Year 3

The Alley

For people who like suspense …

There was a man, in our modern day. He went to work everyday, just like every other person. But one night he didn’t come home a normal person…

On this particular night, the man walked down the street -alone… But something felt wrong… all the street lights were flickering…

A black cat walked down the street and hissed at him. He thought he recognised the cat, but he was not sure.

He thought he had been walking for hours, it felt like time had stopped.The sound of screeching breaks erupted in his ears…

He spotted a car crash at the end of the street. It was blocking his usual path…

What was he going to do?

Out of the corner of his eye he noticed an alleyway… A dark alleyway… pitch black…

He had never seen this before…He headed for it…

The alley had dark, gloomy shadows. Three shadows that looked like they were following him…

A short scream pierced through his ears then two of the shadows faded away…

He opened his eyes, he was in hospital.

By Billy and Thomas Yr6

Tuesday 18th October 2016

Dear Diary…

The Airport

Today I’m in the airport for the ride of my life. The airport [in Manchester] is ginormous. We are in terminal 2 which has shops for example Clairs, WH Smith… Also it’s not as busy as last time I came here. We went through security in a flash. I cannot believe how quiet it was I imagined it to be very busy. Unfortunately we have to wait 7 hours before the adventure can begin. Can’t wait!!!

Plane time

I’m on the plane! So exciting!!! Guess what me and my dad saw a plane on the runway and when that was the plane we were going to board it was a Virgin plane we got to the bedazzling airport

Guess what? We get to watch over 100 films!

Beth Y5



The Animal Kingdom Christmas

 Book One 

One Christmas Eve, deep in the woods, the Robin family were putting up their Christmas decorations when all of a sudden they heard an ear splitting screech… Baby Owl had fallen from a tree and had burst out crying! So, the robin family rushed out to see him and carried him over to nurse-hedgehog.As soon as Mrs and Mr Owl heard about what had happened, they flew over, as quick as a flash, to see their tiny little baby. They carried him to their little tree hole and he soon got better.

The Animal Kingdom Christmas

Book Tw​o

The Reindeer family were getting ready for Christmas. The Christmas tree was up and they were putting out the milk and mince- pies for Santa Paws.‘It’s almost ready for Santa Paws,’ said mother Reindeer. Bridget the mole came into their house (she left behind a trail of snow).’Hello Bridget,’ said Baby Reindeer, ‘what a surprise to see you on such a day’. ‘Have you heard about the rumours, about Santa Paws retiring?’‘No I have not!’ exclaimed Baby Reindeer - Santa Paws retired and now his son has taken up his job! Then Baby Reindeer asked whether he would still give us presents.‘Yes,’ said Bridget, ‘that’s good’.The reindeer family were tucked up in bed, when guess who dropped down the chimney with a sack full of toys?   


The Animal Kingdom Christmas

Book Three

One cold and windy Christmas morning, the Penguin family were out buying Christmas cards. WHOOSH! A colossal gush of wind swept their hats of their heads!‘OH NO’ exclaimed Father Penguin. ‘Where’s my hat gone?’ asked Baby Penguin. Then Mother Penguin told Baby Penguin that they had blown away!‘We are going to have to find our hats before it gets later and colder,’ said Mother Penguin. They searched all over town but their hats were nowhere to be seen! They were walking home when they passed Bridget - who was holding three woollen bobble hats.‘I believe these are yours’ stated Bridget, ‘they have been blowing all over town!’ Later that day, they penguin family were just delivering their Christmas cards when all of a sudden… there was a HUGE gust of wind…!

By Seamus Y5, Sophie Y4 and Lois Y3.