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Snaith Primary School

Longer Stories


Emily’s Mystery

Hello, I am Emily and today is another school day where I get to meet my bestest friend ever!!! I’m SO EXCITED!! Right now I’m literally lying in bed not bothering to get up, when its 8:00am the time where I normally get up!

Suddenly, my mum shouted at me, like a lion roaring as if it is starving. I elegantly jumped out of bed, and quickly got dressed, then wildly did my hair, which was messy - as messy as a lions main. But who cares as I was charging down the stairs like a stampede of elephants. When I got down the stairs I cheerfully skipped too gladly. I have my scrumptious, marvellous breakfast, which I really enjoyed! Then mum got really , really , really REALLY mad at me for forgetting to do my teeth.

But before she could say anything else, I flew out the door like an eagle spreading its wings to fly. Suddenly, my bestest friend (Lily) appeared out of nowhere and I gave her the biggest hug I have ever gave her in history, now we were at the bus stop waiting for the bus to appear like magic. Here it comes, flying around the corner like a dragon being magical. Quickly Lily whispered “I love you bff” and I never forgot that, all through lessons, all through art and all through math, which I never pay attention too. My friend Amelia loves math yet I hate it but I love addition because it is easy!

Oh I also forgot today since I am 12 this is my first time walking home from school ALONE! Which it is the end of the school in 1 minute, technically now yes it is, and the bell just went off!

As quick as lightning I sprinted off to grab my school bag, which was where I left it and I pulled out my phone -the IPHONE X that I absolutely love! I couldn’t live without it, then I suddenly chucked on my bag and sprant to the door without any interruptions. Before Amelia could speak to me I ran to the wooden door, which was the school door, to glory where there are no tests - nothing just peace and right now I have just jumped out of the school door!

 I am so excited right now, I can see the park among the distance but wait, right in front of me is Amelia and Lily. Maybe I can walk with them on the way home. I asked them a question, “can I walk with you on the way home?” but Amelia replied “sorry no I’m going to Lily’s house” and I spoke “ok” then I walked off.

Shyly I took one-step and I heard a noise…was I lost? I ended up in a forest all alone with nobody else, it was in the winter and I was all alone!

Gently a snowflake touched my delicate skin and I looked up, was it snowing? I questioned myself for three whole minutes!

Then creepily, I heard a stick SNAP! Was someone spying on me? I was shaking like a tree with no leaves on it. I started to get the goose bumps as I slowly moved towards the snapped stick I suddenly saw nothing but wait a snake inside a log...

WAIT it is backing out now I can see a body, is it a stray dog (hope not- otherwise I will be dead meat). Luckily it was grey, can dogs be grey? Hope not but then it had sharp teeth! I hope it is not what I think it is. Then it got its full body and head out and I realise it was not what I thought it was a... wolf!

 I quickly turned around without realising… I banged straight into a tree and I suddenly fainted without a doubt... then it was about two whole hours later, I gently opened my crystal eyes and noticed I was, laid down right beside my house.

When I tried to sit up, I saw a wolf, which I was quite freaked out because the wolf was literally laid on top of me! Then it licked my face weirdly and quickly it ran off. I was so glad I was home that when I got through the door, I noticed it was 11:51 pm and I saw mum and dad with seven other police men they were interviewing mum. Then they turned to me and mum ran to me in tears and gave me a giant hug. Without warning the police men said where I was, I replied that I was lost on the way home from school. Then the police officers went out of the door and went back. While on the other hand, I went to bed happily while I had a little friend in mind. Then I dreamed about the wolf being so generous... I have a friend now a best one.


By Rebecca, Year 5


The Fun Has Just Begun!

You came to play,

 But to your dismay,

 The happy fun time has begun.

To fade now… watch as the fun fades… and terror remains,

 But if you run, then it will be fun… but if you don’t then…

 Fun will of only just begun, so WELCOME TO MY HORROR SHOW!

Now you might wanna go, or if not then your gonna wanna run,

 Until the demon comes, then the fun will have begun… oh oh yeah!

The fun will have begun! Yeah the fun will have begun!

So why don’t you go to sleep, my little sheep

 Because it’ll be a lot better that way,

 Yeah it’ll be a lot better that way,

 Unless you wana play… mmmm,

 Unless you wanna play… oh oh oh!

Unless you wanna play, so why don’t you run…

For the fun has just begun, oh oh oh yeah yeah!

Now draw your first eternal breath,

 For the Ink will take control, then the fun will of begun,

 ooooooo the fun has begun,  has begun…

ooooooooooooo the fun the fun the fun!

 Oh the fun has just begun!

 Yeah ooooooo oooooo ooooo, the fun has just begun!!!

By Ava, Year 5

The adventures of Ring-a-Ling And Mayne: The Goblet of Potatoes

There once were two friends named Ring-a-ling, an emerald green person crafted with vines who had a magical bell attached to his head, and his best friend Mayne (yes Mayne not Mane), who is a mythical flying lion who walks on his hind legs and can talk. Oh yeah, and he is a (terrible) inventor!

One day they were eating their favourite food - JACKET POTATOES - whilst Ring-a-ling was reading a book called THE LEGEND OF THE GOBLET OF POTATOES!!! Then Mayne said, “What are ya readin’ Ringy?”

 “The legend of the goblet of potatoes. It is a goblet that when the symbol of the great potato master is pressed upon, it will spew out a freshly cooked jacket potato but… only for the worthy potato lovers will this happen!"

“Sick man!” replied Mayne.

“No it’s not sick… it’s really good,” yelled back Ring-a-ling.

Mayne sighed.

That morning they set off to market to buy their daily supply of spuds. Mayne bought some mane conditioner and Ring-a-ling bought some bell polish. But together they bought a carriage load of potatoes.

In the corner of his shining eyes, Mayne spotted a strange map - the title stated: THE MAP TO THE GOBLET OF POTATOES. He dashed straight for it, knocking over a weird pair of men. One of them said, “Are you okay Momo?”

The man who said that was wearing a frog hoodie with the words T.A.G. branded on it. “Yeah Tag!” replied his buddy, an orange, black and white tiger which walks on his hind legs just like Mayne.

After that encounter he bought the map and almost instantly showed Ring-a-ling.


As soon as they had eaten their dinner - I don’t think I need to say what it was - they planned out how they were going to get the goblet. They didn’t even hesitate to think how much danger it would be.


WARNING: don’t try to find the goblet of potatoes only Ring-a-ling and Mayne can they are professionals. Now let’s get back to the story.


The only thing they packed was a sack. A sack in which only one thing would ever be placed…

 Once they had managed to prepare their items (the sack and the map), Ring-a-ling mounted on Maynes back and they soared through the clouds and into the lower atmosphere. In the distance R-a-ling spotted some-one who he had never seen. But he still alerted Mayne.

“So, do you know who those two down there are?”

“Urrmm… which pair?”

“Well… both then.”

“The orange one is called Momo and the green one is Tag.”

“Ok the other pair then.”

“I have no clue”



“Whoa, an aeroplane!” said one of the unidentified pair.

“Lol,” said the other one, super-fast.

“You know, Nitro, we should keep a low profile.”

“So, man, come on we’re super-heroes. You’re an owl, Owl, and you’re on a power cable, I’m on a roof - we’ll be fine. Okay?”


Meanwhile in the sky…

“Are we nearly there yet?” asked Ring.


“Are we there yet?”


“Are we…”


“Ok fine,” sighed Ring, “wait! Is that the island down there?”

“It is! We’re here!”

“FINALLY,” shouted Ring-a-ling.

“Shhhhhhh!” replied Mayne.

 “Oh sorry,” Said Ring as they walked into a large temple embedded into the mountain. It appeared to mostly be made of sandstone and an orange clay: humongous pillars held up an overhang, which had a picture of a giant frog eating a potato carved into the front of the overhang. Cautiously the duo entered. Mayne’s teeth were bared; Ring-a-ling’s bell was ready for a battle. “RIBBET!”

“What the cheese puffs was that?” whispered Ring-a-ling, his legs were vibrating, with fear, just like a green massage chair!  

“Who is it? Only the brave may enter my dwelling, RIBBET!”

A colossal frog hopped into view; its warts bulged with icky olive green goo.

 “I am Zomogog the ancient one and who are you? Ribbet ribbet ribbet.”

“I am Ring-a-ling and this is Mayne!”

Mayne grabbed a potato from the sack; he didn’t know what he was going to do with it so he passed it to Ring-a-ling who ate it in one- do not try that at home! Ring-a-ling and Mayne are     professional’s stupid-

“How, ribbet, dare you eat one of our children?” said Zomogog angrily whilst waving his webbed hand/flipper/foot whatever it is, at the culprit, because frogs can’t point.

Without consulting Mayne, Ring-a-ling slid under the gigantic body of Zomogog but stopped half way as it was too big to slide the whole way under and walked the rest of the distance. Mayne then pulled a second potato from the sack and aimed in between Zomogogs eyes. “Go to bed gramps!” bellowed Mayne and with perfect accuracy he threw the golden brown potato… and missed! Running as fast as his little green legs could carry him, Ring-a-ling ran into a dark sandstone room, lit only with two candles but there was another light. The sacred goblet of potatoes seemed to be glowing. Ring clutched the goblet: running with his life Ring-a-ling ran into a large green bulge and then he heard.

 “Go to sleep you giant frog, go to sleep! Please don’t guard the goblet… Ring… please say you didn’t hear that!” sung Mayne whilst backing out of the temple.

“Did you hear that?” quickly asked Mayne hopefully.

“Here what?” said Ring-a-ling, clearly lying.

The two made their way out of the temple.


The end!!!!!!!!!


(Tag will release the frog lullaby album in October.)        Billy and Thomas Y6