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Snaith Primary School

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Do you want to help the world?! Well every year Leeds Bubble Rush run 5k to raise money for St. Gemma’s Hospital!!!

There are many different coloured bubble pits such as pink, blue, green and yellow. You can walk, jog or even skip through them! The bubbles are like foam but you can still get through them. 

“The green was very high however it was still FUN!!!!” said Jessica, a Snaith Primary School child in Year 3.

Jessica commented, “I went to Leeds Bubble Rush and only three of us raised over £500! Please help St. Gemma’s Hospital! Thankyou.”

By Jessica and Lois



Black Rhinos come to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park

After our trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park last year, Black Rhinos have joined their happy team. They have 2 black rhinos there, Dayo and Hadari. Dayo and Hadari arrived about a month ago and are very lively, they are getting settled in and shall be ready for showing soon.

The Wildlife Park are hoping for a baby Black Rhino as soon as Dayo and Hadari are fully grown. Since Black Rhinos are critically endangered, it’s good they have taken 2 and are trying to breed them. You never know, they may have a whole herd in a few years! It would be a great step to help bring back the Black Rhino!

Nieve Y5

Christmas Market  

Today you will hear a Christmas adventure about the Christmas Market in Snaith. The market is about raising money for the community with creative stalls and jolly spirits. Also with help from Snaith Primary, we gathered up a crowd as they were singing happily. Thank you Snaith and a big thank you to everyone who raised money too!

By Holly Y5