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Snaith Primary School

How is SEAL used to help children day to day?

Managing Behaviour

How SEAL helps children when they feel cross.

  • Stay calm yourself
  • Give children space and time to calm down.
  • Share – Each child is given the opportunity, to say what happened from their point of view, express their feeling, and explain their part in the situation.
  • Listen – Everyone involved listens respectfully to the others point of view.
  • Rationalise & Reflection - We help children to identify where the situation has gone wrong, and what each person could have done differently to avoid the negative feelings.
  • Moving On – The children have an opportunity to identify ways in which they will move on from the incident and where necessary decide on sanction for their behaviour.


Of course prevention is always better than cure, and we actively support children to asses how they feel before there is an issue as well encouraging children to celebrate their own and each others achievements, thus inspiring confidence and a feel good factor!

In most classes you will find …

Worry boxes, or their equivalent, which allow children private opportunity to express any concerns to the teacher, if they find their worry hard to talk about. 

Golden moments, or celebration boards, enabling children and teachers to comment on the super qualities other have.