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Snaith Primary School

Friday 3rd April 2020


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Hello and happy Friday to you all. I hope you enjoyed writing your creative stories yesterday about the Easter bunny going to a fun fair. I am looking forward to reading them. 


(Well done – our class has the highest percentage out of all the classes for you guys being on target on Doodle Maths! Number 1 spot for us! Woohoo!)

Please complete your daily tasks on Doodle Maths.

Please complete your daily tasks on Doodle English.

I have also assigned an extra task on Doodle English – a reading comprehension.

Topic Task – Enterprise Challenge

You know I like these challenges, we’ve done chocolate bars, restaurants, trainers etc. This time I want you to set up your own shop and sell what you like. I’d like you to draw or explain the following bullet points:

  • What is your shop going to sell? (clothes, sweets, electronics, trainers)
  • Where is it going to be located and why? (Leeds, York, London)
  • What is the name of the shop?
  • Do you have a logo and slogan?
  • Draw the floorplan of the shop. (displays, shelves, tills)
  • Design an advertising poster.
  • Draw some of your products and explain them with a price and features.
  • Explain why your shop is going to be successful?

I can’t wait to hear what you come up with. Maybe I’ll pretend to be Alan Sugar and choose one to invest in. It’ll be the one I think will make the most money!

PE – Tik Tok Challenge

Can you complete the Tik Tok ‘Oh na na na’ challenge?

Have a look at these guys smashing it on YouTube:


Too easy? Invent your own!


Today is spelling test day. Can you ask a family member to test you on these spellings please?

Recent / sentence / separate / straight / various / suppose / weight / women / knowledge / occasion

Just a reminder that we will not be posting daily work on the website over the Easter holidays but I may put a couple of posts on the class blog if you wanted to check that out.

Happy Easter Everyone. Don't eat all your Easter eggs at once!