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Snaith Primary School

Fast Facts



Did you know? You can make any sound of pitch just by using some parts of your body! For example:

What is your favourite song?

Mouth: Whistle,


Hands: Clap.

Fingers: Click your fingers.      

Feet: Jump, Stomp, Hop, Tap shoes/feet together.        

What is your favourite way to make noises using your body?

By Leah, Year 4

Facts About Animals


  • Cows do have best friends and become stressed when they are separated.

  • Pandas don’t have particular sleeping spots; they simply fall asleep wherever they happen to be.

  • Sheep are known to self-medicate when they have some illness. They will eat specifc plants when ill that can cure them.

  • A tiger’s legs are so powerful that they can remain standing even when dead.

  • A male penguin offers a pebble to a female penguin. If she takes it, they become partners. Some penguins dont build nests, instead they carry their eggs on their feet.

  • A domestic cat can outrun usain bolt.

  • Happy dogs wag their tails to the right while sad dogs wag their tails to the left.

  • Rabbits have 360’ panoramic vision, allowing them to detect predators from all directions.

  • Elephants can’t jump.

  • Newborn Tiger cubs weigh 100 grams each, are blind and deaf, and cant walk. their mother has to stay with them, their father brings food back for their cub to eat.

  • Female lions, sisters, live together for life. Their female cubs also stay with the pride, even after they’re grown up, but male cubs must venture out on their own once they reach maturity.

  • Pigs hearts have been used In human heart transplants.

  • Zebras can communicate with each. Ears flat back, for example, means the zebra is annoyed, uncomfortable or angry.

  • Monkeys are worshiped in India; they are believed to represent the god Hanuman.

By Rebecca Year 4




1. Pony

2. Alpaca

3. Llama

4. Rhino

5. Pig

6. Bat

7. Owl

8. Koala

9. Gorilla

10. Monkey

11. Chimpanzee

12. Cheetah

13. Lion

14. Jaguar

15. Sloth

16. Leopard

17.  Panda

18. Fox

19. Seal

20. Cow

21. Guinea pig

22. Dog

23. Cat

24. Walrus

25. Polar bear

26. Hedge hog

27.  Red Panda

28. Tiger

29. Narwhal

30. Whale

31. Squid

32. Crab

33. Octopus

34. Sperm Whale

35. Penguin

36. Shark

37. African Honey Bee

38. Platypus

39. Fish

40. Wolf

41. Bird

42. Butterfly

43. Killer Whale

44. Aardvark

45. Pengalin

46. Fire flies

47. Armadillo

48. Ant Eater

49.  Lady Bug

50. Panther

51. Bull

52. Dolphin

53. Boar

54. Flamingo

55. Storks

56. Crane

57. Mantis

58. Crocodile

59. Serpent

60. Hare / Rabbit

61. Frog

62. Elephant

63. Zebra

64. Giraffe

65. Donkey

66. Horse

67. Sheep

68.  Komodo Dragon

69. Water Dragon

70. Kangaroo

71. Speckled Bear

72. Eagle

73.  Tortoise

74. Rats

75. Deer

76. Cockatiel

77. Goat

78. Meer Cat

79. Camel

90. Chicken

91. Lemur

92. Chameleon

93. Capybara

94. Beaver

95. Bison

96. Blue Whale

97. Coral

98. Aye Aye

99. Hornet

100. Wild Dog

By Amie Year 4


Teachers' Talents!


·      Mr Pickering = juggling, eating biscuits

·      Miss Beetham = can wiggle her tummy

·      Mr C = Making extreme coffees

·      Miss McLaughlin = Irish dance

·      Mrs McEnroe = archery

·      Mrs Gilson = super speedy throwing

·      Mrs Calpin = cartwheeling

·      Miss Jackson = making guacamole

·      Mrs Sherlock = baking

·      Mrs Gilbert = handwriting

·      Mrs Outhwaite = baking 

·      Miss Todd = art 

·      Mrs Agar = changing nappies

·      Miss Atkinson = horse ridding

·      Miss Timney = dancing

·      Mrs Kellet = sewing

·      Mrs Schmidt = gardening


We voted and Mrs Agar has the best hidden talent!!!!! Second was the Irish dancing and third was Mrs Calpin with her cartwheeling.


By Seamus,Y5, and Beth,Y5. 


Do You Know Your Cat?

 They do something called padding to get comfy (when they are kittens they do it to their mums to get milk).

People feed them milk but it gives them bad tummy aches  (if you really want to give them milk you can get special cat milk from pet shops).

You may think eeeew when they bring dead mice and birds (however it’s a present to say I love you or thank you for feeding me).

When they scratch on the curtains they are not being cheeky they are doing it because you probably have not provided them with a scratching post.

By Beth, Year 5

The Olympics!

Where and when they were played:

1.The Olympic Games were started by the Greeks in 1896.

2.The Olympic Games have been around since 1896 and happen every four years.

3.The Olympics were celebrated as a religious festival by the Ancient Greeks.

4. The Olympics were hosted by the Greek god Zeus.       

5. The Olympics were played to amuse the Greek god Zeus!6.

6.The Olympics were held in the south or west of Greece!By Ava year 4


People say that elephants never forget- well this is true! Elephants have big brains and good memories, they can remember water holes and paths that lead to good feeding areas and recognise other elephants that they have met- sometimes many years earlier. Did you know that the elephant is the second tallest animal known to Earth?

Baby elephants are born with black fur covering their skin. Most of it falls off. When baby elephants grow up, they will continue to have thick hairs at the ends of their tails and a little hair on their faces like lions, bears, rabbits, and human’s. Elephants belong to a group of animals scientists call mammals. All mammals have hair. Elephants are the largest land animal in the world. The huge ears of African elephants are the same shape as the continent of Africa.

Fun Facts  

·       Elephants can live to be over 70 years old

 The elephant is the only mammal that cannot jump

·       Elephants have poor sight but amazing smell

·       Elephants have the longest pregnancy of all animals for a female it takes 22 months from conception to give birth

By Nieve – year 5