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Snaith Primary School

Big Maths

Big Maths is a daily sequential programme of mental maths provision with a strong emphasis on learned facts and developing the mental agility to do something with these facts. It develops core skills in one clear method.  All are taught in the same way, repeatedly, to embed these fundamental skills.

The core skills

Big Maths highlights how small steps of progress with core numeracy follow on logically from one to the next.
It is based upon the principle that there are 4 core skills that lie at the heart of numeracy. These core skills form the platform for virtually all other maths skills and are affectionately known as CLIC
  • Counting
  • Learn Its
  • It’s Nothing New
  • Calculations
Below is a PDF presentation explaining more about the Big Maths programme and how and why we use it at Snaith Primary School. There is also a long term CLiC plan that teachers use to guide them on the Big Maths topics they should be teaching each term.