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Snaith Primary School


Life without levels


At Snaith Primary School after extensive research we have opted to use FLiC as our tool for recording assessment.

Framing Learning in the Classroom

  • The system is pre-loaded with objectives children should attain at the end of each year for each subject areas.
  • Objectives are based on the school curriculum taken form the objectives and expectation of the National Curriculum.
  • As often as each lesson, during, at the end of or at the marking of work stage, teachers can assess children’s attainment against the objectives and record it on the Flic recording system (accessed on a laptop, or mobile device such as an ipad).

Making an Assessment and Terminology used

Children are assessed against each objective as:

  • Developing – This means a child is beginning to acquire some of the skills or knowledge of the objective
  • Secure – They have achieved the objective
  • Enhancing/Exceeding – They are able to demonstrate their learning of the objective in a range of contexts.

Aims for Impact on Learning 

  • On going formative assessment – stored as soon as the judgement is made
  • Links objectives in planning and assessment clearly and efficiently (Objectives not yet taught are quickly identified.)
  • Make identification of gaps in learning for groups and individuals clear for teachers to address.
  • Formative leading to summative assessment in one package. (Flic builds up an accumulative picture of the children's achievement of the years objectives enabling the mid and end of year judgements to be made.)
  • Reports allow easy analysis of the achievement of cohorts and specific groups attainment at each band (shown as percentages).

  • Leadership teams can fully monitor number of objectives being assessed as well as children’s achievements, cohorts, groups or individuals (as in the past, leading to the identification of interventions or school improvement issues)

Judgements Made

Judgements as to a child’s attainment is based on the number of objectives covered

  • Eg half way through the year – half objectives assessed as secure – child would be judged as secure in their learning and on track to be secure by the end of the year.
  • End of year – all targets  assessed as secure – child is deemed secure in their learning.   

While the government expectation is that children are secure in their learning by the end of the school year, as a high achieving school, children will always be challenged to achieve the best they possibly can.