Our Super Team!

We really work together as a team to make our classroom a very happy and exciting place to work. We all work hard to carry out our monitor jobs with pride, as well as celebrating each others achievements.

These are a few of our favourite things

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is very important to us. This is a promise each of us has made to make sure our class is the best it can be. 


Monitors are people who are given fun jobs to help around the classroom. Each person has a responsibilty to keep our learning environment clean, tidy and working effectively. Jobs range from register monitor to book monitors.


Vouchers are important because you get to do fun things like sit at the teachers desk or bring in a stuffed toy for the day. Also vouchers are fun because you get to do something exciting. Miss Todd hands them out to secret walkers, workers, listeners and readers. These are children who have displayed outstanding behaviour.

Traffic Light Trays

The Traffic Light Trays help Miss Todd to understand how we found our work. Traffic light trays are called that because there are three trays, one green, one amber, and one red. When you put your work in green you have achieved your learning objective. If you place your work in amber, it means you may need a little help next time. When you put it in red it means you found the work a bit tricky and Miss Todd will help you. 

Tell A Good Tale Jar

The Tell a Good Tale Jar is used when somebody in our class is nice, worked well or helped somebody else out. We tell Miss Todd our good tale and we get to put a pebble in the jar. When the jar is full the last person to tell a tale gets to choose a game for the class to play.